Services - T·CEO Tranformative Interim Management
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Board Director

T-CEO professionals serve as outside board members of a portfolio companies with medium term challenges including leadership, culture, turnaround, or profitable growth. Mr. Colak and others leverage over 3 decades of experience as entrepreneurs, executives, strategy consultants and interim managers to guide management teams to transform their businesses into larger, better, and faster-adapting companies. This navigation is especially important during competitive market or economic shocks, internal dysfunction, or growth imperatives which require rapid assessment and execution informed by the wisdom of professionals who have handled similar situations many times.

Interim or Fractional CEO

T-CEO is adept at leading companies in transition as the interim CEO managing a business at an inflection point or fractional CEO who works hand-in-glove with an existing CEO to manage a portfolio of strategic projects. T-CEO brings to bear experience driving turnarounds and transformations to quickly identify management strengths and weaknesses, simplify overly complex or convoluted companies, and to create an authentic culture necessary for full-company buy-in. The absence of this approach yields at best fleeting short-term gains or even financial and cultural damage as companies typically reject a transactional approach from new mangers or advisors who talk and act before listening, learning, and guiding team members to own and execute successful strategies and initiatives.

Chief Transformation Officer

Either as a Chief Transformation Officer leading a year long full company transformation or turnaround, or as a Strategic Project Manager driving a discrete set of transformative initiatives, we plan and execute projects which significantly increase enterprise value. We organize and align the entire management team to focus for a period of time only the highest impact projects. Such projects include consolidation or transfer of manufacturing or distribution, acquisition due diligence and integration, international expansion, business streamlining through better customer targeting and SKU reduction, creation of transformative corporate strategies, and driving turnarounds with urgency. T-CEO has helped many private equity companies consummate successful acquisitions, improvements, and ultimately sales to strategic and financial buyers.